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Managing a Project

If you are a Gold-Tier DNAGedcom Subscriber, you can create and manage projects.

The primary tasks involved in creating and running a project are:

Creating a Project

When creating a project, provide the following information:

Inviting and Managing Members

At the very top are two display-only tags and two buttons. The two tags will indicate if approvial is required to join, and if the project is visible in the search area. Beyond that are two buttons:

By default, the project members are shown.

On a per-member basis, there are 3 actions:

When the Project requires approval to join, members who are applying will be placed into a queue for approval. From here, there are 3 actions:

When the Project has any blocked members, they can not search for or be added to the Project. The Blocked list will show the people who are blocked. From here, there is only one action, to remove the block:

Creating Research Topics

Within each Project, you can have any number of Research Topics. A Research Topic is designed to allow collaboration by sharing match data at a granular level, as required by the research itself. In addition to match data, up to 9 prompts for additional information about the person that is sharing or the match itself.

The following data items can be entered:

Viewing Submissions

On the bottom of the page are the shared submissions, sorted by by most recent at the top by default. Only fields you have requested or required will show, and if the member decided not to share a requested value, it will say Not Provided.

Clicking the "Remove" link next to an item will remove the submission. If you are a Member, you may only remove your own, however Creators and Admins may remove any submitted item.

To the right of the requested data will be the responses to each of the questions asked, if they have been answered. If it says Submitter then it is a question about the TESTING person, and if it says Match it is a question about the MATCHED person.

If you are a Creator or Admin, you will be able to see all submitted items. Individual members will only see their own items as well as the items submitted by others that have chosen to share with All Members. See the Participating in a Project Help Page for more information.

The interface for viewing Entire Kit/Person submissions will be live very soon. Submissions may still be taken in the meantime.