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By default, no data is shared - nobody can see anything you import beyond what they would at their testing site, unless you choose about YOUR kit only.

Triangulated match data is only shared if both you and your match both Opt In and match the same person

If you Opt In, you may share data for people you manage by entering Public Identifiers on the people you manage, as well as where else you have tested.

Opting Out

If you do not wish to be a part of Genetic.Family, you can Opt Out from participating by providing some basic information

The following information can be entered:

The Identifier required to opt out is different for each testing company:

FTDNA Opt-Out Identifier

The Kit Identifier is the Kit ID you use when logging into the site

MyHeritage Opt-Out Identifier

For MyHeritage, you can provide one of the following: